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Microsoft Visio Professional 2013

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Microsoft Visio Professional 2013

Buy Microsoft Visio 2013 Professional software for workflows and diagrams. Best for productivity for your home, office or business.

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Microsoft Visio Professional 2013

Visualise your ideas with Visio Pro 2013

Would you love to take your data visualisation to another level? How about creating custom diagrams with ease using the new Visio Professional 2013 pre-built shapes and templates. Visio Professional 2013 is a vector graphics diagram tool used to design complex diagrams, it offers a user-friendly interface that enables you drop and drag components for different kinds of drawings, site plans, flow charts, and any other drawings in a more swift way.

Take advantage of the Visio 2013 office professional, get vital tips for transforming data and ideas into versatile diagrams, flowcharts and enjoy various support option features like, project resources, office 365/2016 integration, features update and security and all Visio professional 2016 features.

Discover More Fluent Drawing Experience

Stay on top of the best formatting options applicable with various Office applications to make your diagrams unique and up to industry standards. Use with formatting options such as gradients, 3-D effects, shadows, and more to present your diagrams professionally.

Be an Office power user the easy way with Visio Professional 2013, share your Visio diagrams with others from virtually anywhere with a browser even if Visio is not installed on their PC and you can share ideas, or projects the easy way.

Product Benefits

Get the Latest News

Stay at reach always of what’s new in the Visio pro Blog. Learn more about new Visio 2013 updates, learn new tips for staying organised, productive, and receive the latest updates directly from the Visio product team.

Diagram Templates Updates

Visio 2013 provides updates on several templates to improve efficiency, like timeline, basic network, detailed network, and basic shapes. New styles and shapes are included in the organisation chart template, & the business process model template adds extra support for the BPMN 2.0.

The UML templates and Databases are designed with added drop-and-drag functions to make the Visio 2013 more flexible than before.

File Format and Theme Changes

The software is designed to read and write in .vstx, vssx, . vssm, .vsdm, and .vstm formats. It also provides more of similar formatting options to the diagrams used in all Microsoft Office applications, including shadows, gradients, 3-D effects, and many more.

The New added themes offers colour and effects to your diagrams, and the variants for each theme making it easy for changes to be applied to an entire page.

Bring Your Diagrams to Life

You can now link Visio shapes to more than one data sources, break workflows into manageable components including SQL Server and Excel. Use colours, graphics & icons to visualise real time data in difficult structures and processes.

One-Step Data Connectivity

The software package also provides an easy step to link shapes and diagrams to Excel data, and get a real time visualization of all changes that occurs in your data.

Modern Shapes

Visio 2013 provides detailed information due to its redesign, more shapes for office layouts, electrical diagrams, floor plans, and lots of more exciting features.

Get Help with Tasks

Find things fast with the Tell Me feature, by entering a word in the Tell me box, about what you need done in Visio, and get quick help with tasks and features.

Or visit the Microsoft Office support site for tutorials, help topics, and book excerpts about Visio. Or perhaps join the Microsoft Office community to ask a question or start a discussion

Product Features

  1. 1.   Controlled Image Reporting - Explore the new Microsoft Visio Database Model Diagram (DMD) feature, where shape finding features are integrated so you could find many drawings and shapes to make you comfortable while creating your drawing. It`s designed with a controlled image reporting feature, improved support for business processes, Microsoft SharePoint, and Work Flow along with Enterprise level modeling and more.
  2. 2.   Communicates Complex Information Simply - Visio Professional 2013 is designed so individuals or stakeholders can share or create professional, versatile diagrams that make complex information simple to grasp. It comes with updated templates, shapes, styles and all the functionality of Visio Standard 2013 like enhanced support for team collaboration, such as the ability for multiple people to link diagrams to data, and work together at the same time on a single diagram.
  3. 3.   Easy Shape Customisation - Visio Professional 2013 includes additional stencils applicable for engineering and business diagrams, process diagrams (including Notation, Business Process Model & maps, network diagrams, floor plans, software and database diagrams. With Visio 2013, you can easily capture a flowchart you brain stormed on a whiteboard, build an organisational chart, map an IT network, draw a floor plan or document a business process.
  4. 4.   User-Friendly Interface - Create remarkable diagrams, advance flowcharts, graphical illustrations, and complex network structure based images with ease, load Images with adjustable size and also collaborate with others on a single task in real time.
  5. 5.   Streamline Teamwork - With Visio 2013 you can achieve team projects timeline faster with co-authoring.  Which means you can enable others/team, work together and add shapes and comments to diagrams in real-time across various devices.


System Requirements

  • Required Processor: 1 Gigahertz Faster x 86 or (GHz) - / x64 - Bit processor with SSE2
  • Required Operating System (OS):  Compatible with Windows 7, 8 or later OS, Windows Server R2 2008, or Windows 2012 Server
  • Required Memory: 1 GB RAM (32 bit) or 2 GB RAM (64 bit)
  • Hard Disk Space Required 3.0 GB available disk space
  • Required Display:  1024 x 768 resolutions
  • For Optimized Graphics:  A DirectX 10 graphics card is required for Enhanced Graphics hardware acceleration
  • Multi-touch:  All functionality and features are always available by using a mouse, keyboard or other accessible or standard input device. However a touch enabled device is required to use all multi touch functionality of the Microsoft Project Professional.

Note: All new features are fully optimised and compatible with windows 8 OS or later. Buy Windows 10 for the ultimate experience when usines Visio 2013 Professional.

Additional System Requirements

An Internet connection is required to enjoy full features and receive free future updates for this product once installed.