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Microsoft Visio Standard 2010
Microsoft Visio Standard 2010
Microsoft Visio Standard 2010
Microsoft Visio Standard 2010
Microsoft Visio Standard 2010

Microsoft Visio Standard 2010

SKU: Microsoft Visio Standard 2010 PC

Buy Microsoft Visio 2010 software for diagrams. Powerful diagram and workflow tool for your home, office or business. Translate complex information from text and tables into visual diagrams.

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  • Benefit from security/quality updates.
  • No annual fee. (No subscriptions)
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  • Windows 7 supported - Windows Vista, 8, 8.1, 10 NOT Supported.
  • Standard version.


  • Product Key: Genuine Visio 2010 product code/license (25-digital product key).
  • Software: Direct link to download and redeem from the official manufacturers’ website.
  • How to: Step-by-step installation guide (Free install support).
  • Activate: Built-in official activation wizard - effectively start enjoying in minutes.

This Licence is for 1 PC only. You MUST activate within 72 hrs of purchase, after activation it will work for Lifetime of your system.

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Visio 2010 Standard Edition PC License Key

Validity: Lifetime

Platform: Windows XP, 7 (Vista / 8 / 8.1 / 10 NOT Supported)

What’s is Microsoft Visio?

Visio 2010 Standard / Professional takes visual diagramming to a brand new level with dynamic, data-driven visualization tools and templates, as well as, advanced online sharing. Visio allows you to bring together the big-picture and real-time data from multiple sources into one one powerful diagramming software. You can real-time changes to data right within your diagram, as well as, visually displayed through vibrant graphics for ease of use.

Easily define and simplify business or IT systems with intuitive, professional-looking visual diagrams with Visio 2010.

A picture paints a thousand words and With Microsoft Visio 2010, you can quickly illustrate complex visual ideas with professional-looking templates and modern shapes. Whether it's an organisational chart, floor plan's, business processes, or layout diagram's - the latest tools within Visio now help you create vibrant diagrams to get everyone on the same page.

Gaining an accurate and relevant view of your business usually requires both a high-level perspective and lots of detailed data. With Visio 2010, you can easily place real-time data right onto the shapes of your diagram to visually interpret your data. Vibrant icons, symbols, colours, bar graphs and others provide clear view of the real-time information which matters to your business.

Diagram from virtually anywhere now with Visio

Create simple diagrams in your favourite browser with Visio Online.

Edit diagrams in Teams / or as individuals

View, edit, and collaborate Visio diagrams directly inside your Teams to coordinate on all your team’s files in one single place.

Visualize Excel process data

Easily convert process map data in Excel into visualized Visio diagrams with Data Visualizer. Changes are updated in real-time

And much much more....

Simplify Complexity With a Diverse Set of Intuitive, Professional Diagramming Tools and Features:

Jump-Start Diagramming Features

Find and Access the Tools You Need Quickly with Visio 2010

Draw Diagrams Faster & Quicker

Simplify Large and Complex Diagrams with more Real Time Information

Make Your Diagrams Professional-Looking and Appealing swiftly

Model and Monitor Workflows

Ensure Consistency and Accuracy With Diagram Validation to Reduce Errors

Bring Your Diagrams to Life With Dynamic, Data-Driven Visuals and more:

Gaining a clear and complete view of information which matters to any business requires a high-level perspective and detailed data analysis. With just a few clicks, you can NOW see the entire picture by showing meaningful information and data graphically in a single, always up-to-date diagram showing all your info there and now.

Share Dynamic, Data-Linked Diagrams With Others Through Their Browser & more

Share Diagrams With Others on the Web

Create Visual Mashups Using Visio Services

Visio 2010 is available in two editions. Standard and Professional.

  • Visio Standard 2010 brings a brand new look with the incorporation of the Office Fluent Graphical User Interface as well as the redesigned Shapes Window. New features include Quick Shapes, Auto Align & Space, easy insertion / deletion of shapes allows maintaining diagrams easier than ever. Furthermore, With the new containers and callouts features, it’s very easy to organize diagrams and visually make them look great. Lastly, the all new improved cross-functional flowcharting template included in Visio Standard 2010 is designed to be simple, scalable, and reliable for ease of use.
  • Visio Professional 2010 provides all the exciting features above as well as new great diagramming features by allowing you to connect your diagrams to data and to publish them to Visio Services. The Professional edition also includes advanced diagram templates include Detailed Network, Engineering, Wireframe, and Software and Database diagrams and Templates and much much more.

Visio Standard vs Professional 2010 Difference Chart:

Visio Standard 2010

Visio Professional 2010

Ease of Use Features

  • Microsoft Office Fluent GUI
  • Quick Shapes / Mini Toolbar
  • Page Auto Size Features
  • Auto Align / Space
  • Dynamic Grid Features
  • Improved Cross-Functional Flowcharts and more

+ other features

Visio Services and Data Features + more

  • Publishing to Visio Services
  • Data Link function
  • Data Graphics / Legend

Advanced Diagram Templates:

  • Detailed Network
  • Engineering / Wireframe
  • Software and Database
  • ITIL
  • Website mapping / documentation
  • Building architecture and service

Minimum System requirements for installing Visio 2010 Standard

ComponentMinimum Requirement

Computer and processor

700MHz +



Hard disk

3 GB


1024 × 768 +

Operating system

Supports only Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 3, Windows Server 2003 SP2, MSXML 6.0, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008

**Windows Vista, 8, 8.1, 10 NOT Supported**

Please purchase a newer edition of Visio for these devices running the newer edition of Windows

Microsoft Visio Standard 2010
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