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Buy Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Enterprise | Software Base £99
Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Enterprise
Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Enterprise
Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Enterprise
Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Enterprise
Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Enterprise

Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Enterprise


Buy Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Professional software. The best comprehensive tools and services for designing, building and managing complex enterprise applications.

This software does not contain a DVD disc, USB or any media/retail box unless otherwise stated; it is a digital download only. See steps involved below:

You will receive your product key and download link via email.

  • We will provide instructions on how to install the product.
  • Install and enter your 25-digital product key as prompted.
  • Complete the installation and start the application.
  • Activate the product online or through telephone activation.

This Licence is for Windows PC only. You MUST activate within 72 hrs of purchase, after license activation, it will work for the lifetime of your system.



Buy Visual Studio Enterprise 2022, you get all the software and benefits you need to stay up on all things coding from Microsoft.

Code faster, Work smarter. Create the future with Visual Studio 2022 Enterprise . Visual Studio Enterprise Visual Studio Enterprise is a powerful, comprehensive IDE for developers designing, building, testing, and deploying complex applications for any platform—including the Microsoft stack.

Optimised for enterprise-class app development

  • Productivity - Embrace modern software development practices with a state-of-the-art IDE.
  • DevOps - Manage complexity and close the loop between development and IT operations.
  • Quality - Ensure continuous quality with automated and manual testing tools.
  • Azure support - Use Azure dev/test individual apps to learn, develop and test services in Azure.

Developer productivity to the max - Shift-left and speed-up code flow with real-time features
Delivering modern applications need modern development practices. Embrace modern development practices and deliver code with quality, accuracy, and speed. Spend more time coding and not debugging by infusing code quality right from the first line, directly in the IDE.

  • IntelliTest – Auto generate intelligent test data plus suite of unit tests for code.
  • Live Unit Testing – Auto execute impacted unit tests as code is being written with live visualisation of results and code coverage.
  • Live Dependency Validation – Ensure the code complies to the architectural dependency rules at real-time.

Advanced Debugging and Diagnostics - Understand the root-cause of issues quickly
Fix bugs faster by quickly identifying root cause of issues with advanced debugging and diagnostic tools whether you are working on desktop, web, cloud, or mobile apps.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 EnterpriseMicrosoft Visual Studio 2022 Enterprise

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