Benefits of Microsoft Windows 10 software

Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System is the best

Would you believe that Windows 10 has taken the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8 to create a smasher

I mean let’s face it, the more you work with Windows 10 the more value you’ll experience. Yet I have to say to you before you download it, be sure you really want the amazing benefits it has to offer, be sure for example you want to work with an operating system that’s so advanced that for your ease and convenience it facilitates you to have multiple desktops open allowing you to operate between different work spaces quickly without having to waste more of your time.

Time is such a valuable commodity that if you’re like me you’ll recognise that if you have to be away from your friends and loved ones there’d better be a great reason, and an operating system that frees up your time is so important!

The sooner you download Windows 10, the sooner you’ll be enjoying the proven benefits, benefits like the well loved Cortana, the Artificial Intelligence that can complete tasks for you (saving you even more time) which integrates beautifully with your laptop and gives you the option for voice control. Imagine how cool and futuristic that is to be able to talk directly to your computer and know that it will respond!

Experts who comment on computer operating systems are saying very high things about Windows 10, they’re saying supposing you could update to Windows 10, with its incredible speed, its highly accessible menu system, its hologram technology, its universal office apps and with the help of Cortana these authority figures are asking: ‘How would you use Windows 10 to massively improve your working life and downtime?

Would your life be improved because Windows 10 has integrated the X Box experience into your operating system so now you can play ‘til your heart’s content on your phone, tablet, laptop or TV?

Since you’re reading this web page you’re already aware of how much value this operating system is and how Windows 10 is genius in the way it runs both old and new apps in separate windows giving you a speed of access unparalleled before.

Most people are rapidly finding out how useful Windows 10 is and they’re particularly welcoming the return of a dear friend, the start menu which also brings along some of the pretty tiles from Windows 8. Yet the folks at Windows know that you’ve spoken, know that you called for the return of the start menu and yes they’ve heard and acted upon your concerns!

With the exception of building a computer operating system yourself, I can safely say that you won’t find better than Windows 10 with its new search engine named Sparten which has a  design philosophy and a better compatibility with modern websites and a new rendering engine which is reported to be blazing fast with support for browser extensions. There’s more, Windows 10 will ship with Direct X 12 which will allow it to communicate more directly with your graphics hardware.

Still playing with Windows 8 and 8.1? What will you be doing now?