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June 4, 2024

London hospitals hit by cyber attack - Major London hospitals disrupted by Synnovis ransomware attack

London hospitals hit by cyber attack - Major London hospitals disrupted by Synnovis ransomware attack

Many major hospitals in London have declared a critical IT incident after a ransomware cyber attack led to the cancellation of operations and also the loss of blood transfusions.

Memos to NHS employees at King's College Hospital, Guy's and St Thomas' (including the Royal Brompton and the Evelina London Children's Hospital) and primary care services in the capital say pathology partner Synnovis was hit by a "major IT incident".

Synnovis is a provider of pathology services and was formed from a partnership between SynLab UK & Ireland, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust and King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

The memos said the "critical incident" has had a "major impact" on the delivery of services, with blood transfusions particularly affected.

Some important procedures and medical operations have been cancelled or have actually been redirected to other NHS providers as the hospital bosses continue to establish what work can be carried out safely.

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