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January 3, 2024

How to Download Microsoft Office without DVD

How to Download Microsoft Office without DVD

Every day millions of people across the world use Microsoft office. The list includes students, teachers, businessmen, freelancers and so on. The urge to benefit from the latest version of office is also understandable. Many of you will be impatient to lay your hands on the latest office version. The new Office is packed with powerful features to make your work stand apart. Moreover, the new tools make the whole experience of using Office very swift and easy. Office Professional Plus version has the following striking features:


  • It is a complete package comprising of Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and OneNote.
  • ONE NOTE helps you to easily make notes and share them on the group. This makes the group tasks super easy and convenient. This is the new feature which has made Office at par with modern trends.
  • Your presentations and assignments can now be presented in a much more effective way. Impress your teachers, colleagues and business partners by using new wider power point templates.
  • The modern generation is rightly called iGeneration. Everything is operated through internet and there is an increasing tendency to store things online. Keeping in view the modern trends, this feature has been added to this version. The files created in office can be stored online. Online storage saves time and energy. The files can be accessed from anywhere. They can be edited and reviewed. New material can be added to them on the spot.

With the expanding technology it is difficult, sometimes, to understand new features and aspects. Microsoft has taken care of this problem by adding a feature called “Tell Me”. This box is present on the ribbon and anything you need help with can be asked from it. Just type your question and it will help you.

Aesthetics are essential to humans.  The new Microsoft office professional plus takes care of that. It comes with a variety of themes and contrast colours. Simple and colourful themes are available to provide the users a wider choice.

In this version, everything that you write, can be searched in Bing and it enhances your knowledge of the subject. Or otherwise if you stumble on something you have no idea about- Office is there to rescue you as it is powered by Bing.

The range of functions that can be performed by Word docs has been widened. A Read Mode has been added to help users concentrate on the text and minimize the distractions. PDF files can be opened and edited. At the same time, without leaving the document users can pop into online videos as well. These features are so user friendly; they instantly make you want it.

The tedious process of forming chart or table has been made short as well. It hardly takes two steps to convert all your data to charts and view it conveniently.

Excel has also been equipped with new templates.

Creating presentations is more fun now because of the wide range of colour combinations added to PowerPoint. Moreover it can be easily shared on the web as well.

OneNote is not just designed to take in the quickly typed notes. It offers a variety. Your notes can be drawn, swiped and even handwritten in OneNote.

Office Professional Plus is the easiest way to organise your work and transfer it online.


The Office Professional Plus is available in CD, DVD and download form. You will be looking for a hassle free way to download office to your PC’s. We save you the trouble of buying a DVD and waiting for its delivery. The software for Office Professional can be purchased from the website. It will save your time and energy. Moreover, it has some special offers as well i.e. fully installed office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, one note and outlook. This makes it a full package for any type of office or school work. The software can be installed on one PC. The website offers unmatched after sales support and can be contacted in case of any query.

You can buy Office DVD then download it and install easily.

 The method to download office 2016/2019/2021 for PC without DVD is explained below.



Simply turn on your computer and go to the official website of Office.




When you reach the website, you will see two options. One will be to sign in with your Microsoft account and the other will be to create an account if you already don’t have a Microsoft account.

Sign in to your account.



After signing in you will an option to enter product key. Enter the product key and press enter



Select your respective country and language



Simply press download and wait for your product`s setup file  to get downloaded.



After download is complete click on open and run the setup. Wait for the download to install.


Find Word or any app and open it. Activate it with the instructions included with your purchase.

Wait for a few seconds and it the installation process will be completed.

And that’s it! Your OFFICE software is ready to be used.

This process is far easier than using a DVD or CD to install the office suite. Just few simple clicks and the Office is ready to use. There is also lesser time wastage as it saves the time needed for delivery of physical product. The online purchase is trending now a days due to customer satisfaction and convenience.

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