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About Software Base

SoftwareBase – Your ideal choice for PC & Mac software.

SoftwareBase is a global software technology company based in London and serving buyers across the United Kingdom and worldwide. Over the years the founders of this company have taken the perception that software was excessively priced and not affordable for smaller business and households. Therefore, in a conscious attempt to ameliorate this observed challenge and tie-in the gaps to make software affordable to all, this company was born and specialises in purchasing surplus stocks from a variety of companies. As an example, a company received new desktop systems to expand their business and sold us their licenses as they wished to use their own bespoke software, therefore, this allowed us to sell the software for a discounted price direct to our buyers.

The company started at a small scale serving a number of clients and contributing immensely to help them acquire their essential software. Due to our phenomenal success in helping bridge the digital gap, Software Base then expanded to students, home users and businesses in the United Kingdom and throughout the world at large, covering a countless number of clients. As a leading supplier of Microsoft software and solutions, SoftwareBase is well equipped with the requisites to satisfy all your Microsoft software needs.

When we first started in the UK in 2017, we fulfilled over 10,000 orders and sold over 15,000 items in the short space of 6 months. We even tried selling on a marketplace too, and whilst every buyer was satisfied, we were having to charge an extra 25% to unsuspecting buyers on top of our normal prices because that`s what the marketplace charged sellers in the software category. Buyers were shocked when they found that a quarter of the price, they paid was going direct to this blue chip company. Since then we diversified, our customers prefer dealing directly with us for better pre-sales and after-sales assistance. We now provide home users, the education sector, offices and small to large businesses across every continent with a wide range of products to satisfy all their software requirements.

We are Microsoft software specialists providing a wide range of software products cutting across many niches such as Microsoft Office, Mac Office, Microsoft Windows  & Server, Microsoft Visio, Project etc., for students, homes, businesses and for such other purposes it might be required. We also offer installation support (on all PCs – be it Mac, Windows or any other operating system) and after-sales support to ensure our customers have the best experience when dealing with us.

We are well nourished with a wealth of experience in providing a top-quality software to our end customers. With varieties of software available for download and some incorporated in CD, DVD and USB formats for ease of deployment, SoftwareBase is able to provide services to clients close by and many in a far distance. We supply home users with fully-functional Professional software products. Because of our affiliations with companies and with education institutions, we are able to supply these products at hugely discounted prices which means you get more software at a much lower price. We love to pass on any savings direct to you!

In software, today's hot feature can quickly become tomorrow's legacy. Staying up-to-date of new developments and providing customers with the latest Microsoft software has brought us to cutting edge in the software marketing industry resulting in many of our customers including students, home users, and businesses having updated versions of Microsoft software.
Our software products are designed to suit your purpose regardless of your PC brand. We offer software products that are available for all PCs running on Windows 10/Server, Mac and many varieties of operating systems.

We pride ourselves on our ability to serve proficiently and provide original, registered Software that will satisfy the essential need of our customers. Our principle is simple – To treat others like ourselves, therefore, we aim to serve our customers with fairness, integrity, and honesty. We recognise our duty as your software supplier to provide the best and hitch-free product that will serve your purpose, hence, we provide you with necessary information on our products.

Why Choose Us?
Are you curious about why many of our clients can’t acquire their software until they talk to us? Here are some of the attributes that spellbind our clients and keep them glued to obtaining their various software needs from us.

• A top quality software that will accentuate the purpose of your business.
• A well-discounted price on ALL items – up to 70% cheaper than manufacturers' and high street prices.
• Volume discounts for licensing. 
• Unmatched after-sales support.
• Optimum customer satisfaction and much more.
Why not join the chain of our large audience getting added values through the purchase of our top quality software products?

We are SoftwareBase; we offer leading software packages at a great price, deliver it fast and give you the oppurtunity to buy it cheap.