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Microsoft Office suite for Windows 10

Windows 10 is the successor of windows 8.1 in the arrangement of windows working framework given by the Microsoft organization. Windows 10 was discharged for open use and available to be purchased on 29th July 2015, while to assembling on fifteenth of July 2015 (to assembling implies it was prepared to convey after certain expert testing leeway). Windows 10 got generally positive overviews upon its remarkable discharge in July 2015. Commentators adulated Microsoft's decision to give a work territory arranged interface as per past versions of Windows, separating the tablet-masterminded technique of 8, regardless of the way that Windows 10's contact organized UI mode was rebuffed for containing backslides upon the touch-orchestrated interface of Windows 8. Faultfinders in like manner commended the upgrades to Windows 10's bundled programming over Windows 8.1, Xbox Live compromise, similarly as the value and capacities of the Cortana individual accomplice and the overriding of Internet Explorer with Edge. In any case, news sources have been trashing of changes to working system works on, including required update foundation, security stresses over data amassing performed by the OS for Microsoft and its associates and the adware-like techniques used to propel the working structure on its release.

Microsoft Office suite 2019

Microsoft Company first announced that the next version of Microsoft office will soon be in the market for public use and later they announced that the releasing years will be 18-19 to manufacturing and to public respectively. Office 2019 will contain applications, for example, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. It'll likewise contain Skype for business. There are no reasonable subtleties accessible whether Office 2019 will contain different applications like Access, OneNote and Publisher. It may be conceivable that Microsoft doesn't add these applications to Office 2019 to supplant these applications with their UWP application forms

One significant thing to note is that Office 2019 will be released with Click-to-Run (C2R) establishment innovation just which means there will be no MSI installer accessible for Office 2019 suite. So, you'll have to utilize Internet association with download and introduce Office 2019 suite in your PC frameworks. You'll not get any independent disconnected installer for Office 2019 suite. We supply the Office 2019 software as an ISO file and we offer a download from the manufacturers website.


Microsoft Word

  • Black theme
  • Learning tools (captions and audio descriptions)
  • Speech feature (text-to-speech)
  • Improved inking functionality
  • Accessibility improvements


Microsoft Excel

  • Funnel charts, 2D maps and timelines
  • New Excel functions and connectors
  • Ability to publish Excel to PowerBI
  • PowerPivot enhancements
  • Power Query enhancements


Exciting new functions in Excel

6 new capacities have been added to Excel; CONCAT, IFS, MAXIFS, MINIFS, SWITCH, and TEXTJOIN.

Beginning from the top, CONCAT is like CONCATENATE, yet it presently supports range references, not simply singular cell references.


MAXIFS can be utilized to restore the biggest number in a range – you can likewise set the returned outcome to just be a number that meets certain criteria. MINIFS is the equivalent, however it will restore the most modest number.


SWITCH can be utilized to assess one incentive against a rundown of qualities, and it will restore the outcome comparing to the principal coordinating worth. On the off chance that there is no match, you can set a discretionary default esteem.


At long last, TEXTJOIN is a special capacity that can consolidate content from various reaches – you can pick how every content is isolated, for instance, by a comma, a full stop, or some other delimiter.

Microsoft PowerPoint

  1. Zoom abilities for the requesting of slides inside introductions
  2. Morph change highlight
  3. Ability to embed and oversee Icons, SVG and 3D models
  4. Improved meandering pencil case

Another change called Morph has been added to PowerPoint. This incredible change will enable you to include smooth development between one slide to the following in an introduction. It's basically a direct method to get any movement made inside seconds. PowerPoint will do the truly difficult work for you.


To utilize Morph, you should initially copy a slide, at that point move, resize, or alter the items on the copied slide, and after that snap Transitions and transform. Doing this will consequently make a smooth movement from the first slide to the copied one.

Zoom Navigation

Zoom includes another unique route alternative for exhibiting your PowerPoint slides. With Zoom, you will have thumbnails for the majority of your slides on one single page. You would then be able to click each slide separately and a little progress liveliness will bring you into that slide.


Zoom demonstrates to be a fun, connecting approach to ricochet between slides during an introduction and it takes into consideration an all the more free-streaming way to deal with an introduction rather than the commonplace slide-by-slide default.

Microsoft Outlook

  • Updated contact cards
  • Office 365 Groups
  • @ mentions
  • Focused inbox
  • Travel and delivery summary cards


More powerful Inking functionality

If you have a touch enabled device, you’ll be happy to hear about the new inking features added to Microsoft Office 2019. Under Ink Tools > Pens, you can select settings such as the ink color and stroke width.

You can highlight text, or delete whole written words or areas of text with the Ink Tools > Eraser option in the Pens tab. All of these tools are also now available automatically on Office 365 for web, iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.


Translator Built-in

Microsoft Translator is another element added to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. To get to it, open the Review tab in your report and after that snap the new Translate and Language catches. From here, you'll have the chance to decipher the whole archive or interpret a chose segment of content. Microsoft Translator has been around for quite a while, yet observing it coordinated into Office is magnificent. Interpretation administrations like Microsoft Translator aren't impeccable, yet after some time they are winding up increasingly exact

Operating systems

Office 2019 will be released exclusively only for Windows 10 operating system which means Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users will not be able to install Office 2019 in their computer systems.


Operating system: Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, macOS. Some features of Office 2019 may require .NET Framework 3.5 or 4.6 and higher to be installed. Office 2019 for Windows provides 5 years of mainstream support plus two 2 years of extended support. Office 2019 for Mac provides 5 years of mainstream support only.

Downloading and Installing

Office 2019 uses Click-to-Run (C2R) virtualization technology to install Office applications directly from the Internet i.e. Microsoft servers. This makes sure all applications are always up to date. You can use the Office Deployment Tool to download and install Office 2019 for deployment on PCs not connected to the Internet. Microsoft will not provide the traditional MSI (Windows Installer) file for Office 2019 suite. The MSI file will be provided for Office Server products.You'll need an Internet connection to download and install Office 2019 suite on your computer. Once Office 2019 is installed in your PC, you don't need an Internet connection. You can use it offline.


Missing Features

Following features are exclusive to Office 365 and not present in Office 2019:

  • Editor in Word
  • Tap in Word, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Designer in PowerPoint
  • Researcher in Word
  • Ideas in Excel
  • Data Types in Excel
  • Real time collaboration across Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • @mentions in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Shared computer licensing
  • Language packs included
  • FastTrack Options
  • Intune Integration
  • ATP in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive for Business
  • Office 365 Message Encryption
  • Office Enterprise Protection
  • Add sensitivity label in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook


What’s new: Office 2019 features

Here are some of the new features part of Office 2019 sure to be of interest to new and seasoned users alike:

Advanced presentation features

While PowerPoint is still one of the most popular and commonly-used presentation solutions available, there are plenty of others who view it as dated—particularly with more tech-savvy options like Prezi available.

More powerful data analysis

With regards to information the executives and examination, Excel still rules. Office intends to kick things up an indent in the 2019 form of the product.

Clients ought to expect considerably increasingly ground-breaking highlights, for example, new recipes, new graphs (like channel outlines and 2D maps), the capacity to distribute from Excel to Power BI (Microsoft's own business examination administration), and upgrades for PowerPivot and PowerQuery.

Obviously, if Excel is your unquestionable most loved of the Microsoft Office suite, the foreseen 2019 highlights will likely make them burst into your glad move.

Improved inking features

The individuals who use Microsoft Surface gadgets are most likely effectively huge enthusiasts of the computerized pen that enable them to draw, note, and doodle straightforwardly onto their gadget's screen.

Office 2019 will present all new inking abilities over all applications, for example, weight affectability, tilt impacts that change the ink's thickness relying upon the edge of the pen, and even a wandering pencil case, which enables clients to store and arrange their preferred pens, pencils, and highlighters to meander with them over their various gadgets.

Easier email management

Finally, if you’re an Outlook user, the release of Office 2019 shouldn’t leave you out in the cold. Microsoft has teased several new features to take some of the hassle and headaches out of email management.

According to Microsoft, these include things like:

  • Updated contact cards
  • Office 365 Groups
  • @mentions
  • Focused inbox
  • Travel package cards

Microsoft is hopeful that these additions will help users manage their email far more efficiently and effectively.


1)   Scalable Vector Graphics for Word, Excel, PowerPoint

2)   Microsoft Translator in Word, Excel, PowerPoint

3)   Create Math Equations with LaTeX condition in Word

4)   Create smoother livelinesss and developments with Morph in PowerPoint

5)   New route highlight called Zoom for PowerPoint

6)   Use Surface Pen to explore slides in PowerPoint

7)   Exciting new capacities in Excel

8)   More ground-breaking Inking usefulness for all of Office 2019

Office 2019 software comes with a different support period. Previous Office versions used to come with 5 years of standard support and 5 years of extended support but Office 2019 will come with a reduced/extended support period. Office 2019 will provide 5 years of mainstream support and only 2 years of extended support. So it'll be supported for the next 5 years. This change to the previous fixed life cycle policy has been done to align Office 2019 support with the support period of Office 2016. So Office 2019's extended support will end on October 14, 2025.It seems that Office 2019 might be the last licensed version of Office suite and once Office 2019 support ends in 2025, the company will move to Office 365 and Office in the cloud.

What do you think about this move by Microsoft? Is it a good idea to make Office 2019 exclusive to Windows 10 only? There are still many people who are using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. It seems Microsoft wants to encourage people to upgrade to Microsoft 365 product suite which combines Windows 10 and Office 365.


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One-time payment, No subscription, and Security updates

Office 2019 is available for a one-time payment. In other words: there is no subscription. The advantage to this is that Microsoft decided to offer updates to security and software bugs/errors. There are no additional costs for the Office package user. Office 2019 software is a perpetually-licensed product similar to previous major versions. It will receive regular security updates. That’s different from Office 365 and other subscription-based products.